Mar. 10th, 2009


Mar. 10th, 2009 07:59 am
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Ok lots has been happening.

I'm feeling somewhat confused B. she told me she needed a bit of a break, and then she decided she didn't...I understood why she needed one, and I understand why she doesn't...but I like consistency. That said, I was happy to see her this weekend before I head to SF.

Yesterday was the first day of classes at this place where I work. We are on a modifed quarter system...we go 10-6-10-6 So our Spring ten week started yesterday. It's always exciting. Of course, right this minute, one of the maintainence guys is standing outside my office, on his cell phone, talking loudly, instead of emptying the trash. It's a bit annoying. Anyway, today is my first day of classes. I meet my new students. And they are brand spanking new. I'm teaching in a liberal arts cluster and I'm very excited about this. This evening, I leave for 4C's in SF. I'm a bit nervous about it this year. I'm not really excited about my paper and I hate that I'm leaving in the first week of the semster. And I hate flying. The upshot of it all is I get to see [ profile] whimsicalpops, [ profile] uglybass, and [ profile] mirrormargaret

I'm going to miss Mitch. We had some nice time together on Friday/Saturday.

The other day, my ex's gf brought over a cat for me. When CAP died, she left a lot of animals. And one of them is an adorable orange outdoor cat named Rusty. So her gf brought Rusty too me since I have lots of outdoor space. Rusty is a love. I need to call my sister to feed her while I'm gone.

My Nanny is back in the hospital. She refused to go to Mt. Sinai from the nursing home. She says she wants to die. Yesterday, they rushed her to the local hospital because she was shaking so badly. They admitted her last night. Please keep her in your thoughts.

That's about all happening here.


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