Jul. 9th, 2009

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who at 10:47 am are sitting with a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer outside Whole Foods. I wonder if they are secretely from Dumbo or Williamsburg.

I am getting ready to go for a bike ride. My gears are sticky but I'm gonna see if I can ride that out of them. They unstuck a bit while I was riding over here. First a quick bike back to the house to drop off the computer and then a real-ish ride.

Biking makes me happy.

I've not been posting a lot lately, I facebook---but I like LJ, but I'm also real writing these days which is a new and interesting shift for me.

Again, folks, I'm in Berkeley until Monday---- if you wanna make plans...give a ring...I'll be back in Berkeley on the 21.

Going out for dinner in the city tonight (giggles that's SF city not NYC)...and trying to figure out what to wear 'cause we're gonna ride bikes part way there. Ahhh femme clothing emergencies. My favorite.

I made a yummy dinner for two nights in a row. And I made myself some yummy eggs this morning.

Now to bike ride. Wish me luck!
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I want to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium at some point while I am here.

You: Want to escort me there in your car.

I will pay for your admission and gas.

Any takers?


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